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#Innovation is More Than Just a Hashtag

Campus 4.0 is the epicenter of innovation at DB Training, Learning & Consulting. It is a place where digitalisation and technology meet creative people and mindsets. Located directly in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Campus 4.0 is not only a venue for innovation workshops - it also offers the ressources, people and ideas to make innovation happen. Our motto is: "Engineering Innovation". 

Our Goal

Innovative Solutions for Your Digital Business

Digitalisation is disrupting existing business models faster than ever. Therefore, businesses in all branches need new and innovative solutions to remain competitive. This pertains to all of us! As Innovation Engineers, it is our goal to guide and accompany you through the digital transformation. By assessing both your needs, we use our extensive consutling and training expertise to help you ideate innovative ideas and success business models. 


Our Consulting Philosophy

Tailored to Your Needs

Effective products and services are more than just a sum of single actions. With our comprehensive approach, we always have the big picture in focus. It all begins with open communication and cooperation with our clients. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. You contribute to the success of your business by defining your needs and goals. We, on the other hand, devise the right measures and strategies to help you reach these goals. 


Our Services

Your One-Stop Service

With our comprehensive approach, we offer you an all-inclusive consulting and training service.




Whether you are looking to develop new products and business models or are looking for new ways of work, we consult und guide our clients through the digital transformation.



With our workshops and trainings, we'll make you fit for the digital transformation. We offer a wide variety of training formats from face to face sessions to online trainings. 

If you are a DB colleague, there's good news for you! The new "DB Lernwelt" gives you the possibility to take advantage of a wide variety of trainings. The online trainings are accessible via all end devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Check out hte DB Lernwelt hier.


A Venue for Inspiration

Campus 4.0 offers you a venue for events and workshops. We are located on the 7th floor in Solmsstr. 8 - 18, 60486 Frankfurt am Main (Germany). If you would like to book our venue, please use the contact form below. 


BEYONDpaper Prototyping Garage

If you are looking to create more than just paper prototypes, Campus 4.0 is the address for you. We have a 3D printer and can programme mock-ups and software so that you can test your MVP with potential clients.


Our Specializations

All Good Things Come in 3's

We focus our services on three main specializations: Digital Business, New Way of Work und New Technology. Read on further below to learn more about these focus areas. 


Go Digital. Go Business.


Mastering the digital transformation is challenging, but also exciting! By using human centered design methods, creativity and advanced data analysis, we help clients to develop solutions for their business needs.In addition to User Experience (UX) and Service Design, our field of expertise includes Design Thinking, entrepreneuership and designing digital business models. 


New Times Call for New Ways of Work

New Way of Work

The work environment, in which we find ourselves, is becoming more and more complexer every day. Due to mega-trends such as digitalisation, we are constantly being confronted with changes to which we need need to be quickly adapted. New ways of work and mindsets are therefore required in order to overcome these challenges. Whether you are looking for new ways of collaboration or a coach to help you conduct agile projects, we're here to guide you to new ways of working.



We Love Technology

New Technology

Our Campus 4.0 is buzzing with life. We use big data, AI, data analytics, sensor technology and robotics to develop innovative solutions for our clients. We even have a 3D printer in our Campus which we use to build prototypes and replacement parts. 


Our Portfolio


Our consulting and training services are centered around three main areas of expertise: Digital Business, New Way of Work and New Technology. Click on the tiles below for a detailed overview. 





  • "Ideate-to-Create" Workshops
    We offer you and your team a setting in which we use different ideation techniques to generate ideas for possible products, services and solutions.


  • Design Thinking
    Focussing on customer needs and problems, we show you how to use human centered design to develop products customers really want. 
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Test your ideas in our Prototyping Garage BEYONDpaper.
  • User Experience (UX)
    Our UX Designers stand ready to help design and develop digital products such as apps and websites for you and your clients.
  • Software Development
    Our softeware developers can help you programm the right codes you need to develop premium software.  


  • Data Analysis
    With the help with the conventional such as excel and the latest software such as Tableau or R, we help analyse data so that you can make a better prognosis. 
  • Lean Startup
    By conducting a score of experiments with minimal capital, we help to develop ideas, validate them and build sustainable business models. 
  • Startup Safari
    Come on a 6 day journey and experience what it's like to be a startup. 
  • Service Design
    Innovative servces are the fundament for differentiating current business modells and setting your business apart from the competition.  

For a free an individual consultation, contact us here!


Our Offers in New Way of Work

BEFORE your digital transformation 

  • Agile Mindset 
    Being agile means being able to adapt to change. Before you can use tools and methods, you first need the appropriate mindset. 
  • Starting Agile Workshops - Your Step into Agility
    In this workshop, we take a hands on approach and try out different agile methods to find out which will work best for you, your clients and your projects.

BEGINNING your digitalen transformation

  • Agile Project Management (Scrum)
    We teach the fundamentals of agile project management 
  • Kanban
    Step by step - we'll help you make incremental improvements in your organisation. 
  • Design Thinking
    Focussing on customer needs and problems, we show you how to use human centered design to develop products customers really want. 
  • Effective Leadership in Agile and Modern Organisations
    In agile organisations, leadership is handled differently. We help clients by providing them the necessary methods and mindsets so that the can help self-organising teams maximize their full potential.

DURING the digital transformation

  • Agile Coaching
    As agile coaches we facilitate agile process, so that you can fully concentrate on your products.
  • Digital Collaboration
    We consult and coach our clients how to practice agile values while working in virtual teams. 
  • Knowledge Management in Organisations
    Knowledge management goes beyond digital databanks and document management. We work with clients on how to evolve a learning organisation. 
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKR)
    Setting goals is one thing, reaching them is another. We help clients define their goals and how to reach them. 

For a free an individual consultation, contact us here!


Our Offers in New Technology

  • Sensor technology
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Data Engineering
  • 3D-Printing
  • Blockchain
  • Text und image recognition 
  • Artificial Intelligence

For a free an individual consultation, contact us here!


Tailored-made Offers

Every client has different needs and goals. Therefore, customizing consulting and training offers is so important so that each client gets the right offer. For a free an individual consultation, contact us here!


Campus Insights

Coping with knowledge management – but how?

The topic of knowledge management and transfer is currently gaining momentum, especially against the background of the component "Vereintes Wissen" as a part of the organizational strategy of DB.


A holistic approach

Loss of knowledge in companies is not uncommon, so it can cause considerable damage and dissatisfaction. As an internal partner we support you methodically in the introduction of a holistic and individual knowledge management.

Long breath pays off

A knowledge management process designed for the long term contributes to faster access to knowledge and thus creates a common knowledge base for the success of the company.


Your way to knowledge management

You want to build up a knowledge management? We explain to you briefly and concisely how an ideal knowledge management process works:

An analysis is indispensable to get a picture of the situation. Which relevant knowledge bases as well as tools and processes are actually available or have to be considered? Who are the knowledge carriers in your area? Search for clues: It is possible that key functions in your area have already been identified.

Once the knowledge base and the like have been identified, the next step is to develop a concept. A suitable and specific procedure is developed from a series of methods and tools - whether wiki, workshops or surveys. In this step, success criteria are also defined which will play an important role in the further process.

The developed methods and tools will now be implemented in practice. Experienced support from experts is helpful here, for example in communication, qualification or individual coaching.

In the final step, the previously defined success criteria are used to check the results: Does knowledge management really show the desired and, above all, long-term positive effects?

You want to know more about this topic? Feel free to contact us! We will gladly support you in your request!



All Roads Lead to Campus 4.0

We are located on the 7th floor in Solmsstr. 8 - 18, 60486 Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


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